Purana Purusha (Tamil)


Gita of Satyáyuga – a biography based on 26 confidential diaries of Shamachurn Lahiree – shows mankind the spiritual path of sadhana to achieve soul realisation while juxtaposing His family life thereby no need to renunciate, in effect gave declining Kriyayoga a push.

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Bigger significance being God made His Advent as Bhagwan Ram at the end of Tretayuga but Ramayana was composed by His manifestation, Valmiki, as Lord Krishna at the end of Dwaparyuga but Mahabharata and Gita was composed by His manifestation Krishna Dvaipayana-Vyasdeva and likewise as Shamachurn Lahiree God at the end of Kaliyuga and ‘Purana Purusha’ was authored by His own manifestation Mahamahopadhyaya Yogacharya Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee. Thus in this manner at the transition of each yuga in accordance with its respective necessity, God establishes His own ideals.

God makes His Advent only at the juncture of two yugas when humanity suffers a religious decadence. He wholly manifests Himself in the Form of a Human Being to enable us mortals to come closer to Him, to enable us to divulge all our afflictions and joys to Him and also in order to impart His teachings to us. If He appears in any other Form, it would never be possible for us to be close to Him. Being born as a Mortal, He does not break His own rule i.e. He has to abide by the mortal afflictions, sorrows, etc. This rigorous discipline on His part is intended for our upliftment and knowledge.

Only Yogiraj having the Divine Prerogative to attain the post attainment state of merging has recounted this and thus declared the Omnific Words — ‘I Am God’ in His diary which the reader will glean from Chapter-IX. Shama Churn is Indefinable, Unquestionable, Non-answerable, Incomparable, Nondebatable, Unconfinable, Indivisible. He can be defined as; questionable to; answerable to, compared with; debated for and against; confined within; divided by; none other than Shama Churn Himself.