The Concept of Yugas

India is the spiritual capital of the world. The map of India resembles the human shape. This infers that the human frame exclusively is capable of performing that sadhana by which attainment of salvation is inevitable. Many great munis, rishis and yogis even God Himself appeared on this holy soil of India and have enhanced the spiritual glory of the nation. All these Mahapurushas have always preached the precepts of Sanatana Dharma which is ever flowing, eternal and advised man to abide by them.

India hence Bharat is basically a holy land because it is India only where God (Bhagavan) decides to mark His Advents. Bhagavan Rama, Bhagavan Krishna, Bhagavan Shyamacharan Lahiree all chose to mark Their Advents here.

As declared by Krishna in the Gita “DHARMASANSTHAPANARTHAYA SAMBHAVAMI YUGE YUGE” , i.e. at the transition of each yuga when dharma attains a decline, He will come to give obsolescent dharma a push.

The four yugas can be comprehended with the help of the diagram given above, as an example:

  • Satyayuga – 50,000 years
  • Tretayuga – 30,000 years
  • Dwaparyuga – 15,000 years
  • Kaliyuga – 5,000 years

Bhagavan Rama came at the juncture of Treta yuga and Dvaparyuga when dharma attained a 20% declination. He is represented with a bow and arrow and is yogically known as Atmaram, Bow and arrow symbolises Internal Pranayama. Bhagavan Krishna marked His Advent at the transition of Dvaparyuga and Kaliyuga. When the yuga attained a declination of 50%, He is represented with a peacock plume and flute. Krishna is yogically known as Pranakrishna. The flute yogically symbolises internal Pranayama, peacock plume symbolises Kutastha. Bhagavan Shyamacharan Lahiree Mahasaya marked His Advent at the juncture of Kaliyuga and Satyayuga when the world attained a dharmaic decadence of over 90%, to give declining dharma hence Kriyayoga flowing through aeons, a push and usher humanity into Satyayuga cycle. He has arrived as a Brahmin with the Holy thread whereas His earlier two manifestations were as Kshatriyas. Yogically He is Brahmashyamacharan. The holy thread symbolises Omkara Kriya.