Why Kriyayoga Must Be Practised And What Are Its Benefits?

Knowledge through Kriyayoga sadhana – the abstruse science of all creations as well as self – will lead to

permanent inner peace and eventually inevitable attainment of salvation.

If this Pranakarma is practised in one’s own abode, the incongeniality hence negativity evolving from Prana vibration within the environment will automatically be extirpated. The more one’s inherent Prana supersedes positivity and negativity; the more disease, sorrow, old age, affliction, poverty will be eliminated more so the negativity emanating from greed, malice, wrath will be eliminated; the house environment moreover the individual’s body, mind will all attain purity; the hostile atmosphere pertaining to sadhana in one’s life will also be annihilated; in short it will no longer be necessary for man to independently pray for welfare, for then automatically he will be graced by welfare.

Slowly and gradually through Kriyayoga sadhana a soul-seeker’s quest for the soul is appeased. He will know who he is, from where he has originated and to where he shall return. He is the soul, he has originated from the soul and shall return or revert to his origin – the still state or Infinite Soul by attaining mergence there. When the world will gain cognizance about Prana, peace and love will spontaneously evolve.

When man becomes nascent he falls in the ambit of 1,00,000 vibrations. This enhanced degree of vibration entails man to become a victim of sufferings and sorrows. Therefore it is imperative for man to reduce Prana vibrations to the least possible vibration, so that the mind will remain at peace, there will be no tension, there will be a release from the fear of death, material orientation will lessen, then the individual will remain far removed from desires, aspirations, greed, malice and will be replete with inherent peace; eventually will attain emancipation from birth-death cycle and disease, afflictions, sorrows. This is the eternal precept of Sanatana Dharma.The infinite kineticism within man causes evolvement of various sensory orientations imparting a state of restlessness, peacelessness, sorrow to man.

“The world is now restless and loveless as no one has any direct objective. The direct objective is to know one’s own Prana that is make a quest for one’s own origin.” says Mahamahopadhyaya Yogacharya Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee at the Parliament Of World Religions 1997, France.

The immortal, scientific, facile yogasadhana that Lahiree Mahasaya has imparted to us, if practised even a little conscientiously, will bring immense welfare to the person concerned. God has made a similar statement in Gita – Svalpamapyasya dharmasya trayate mahato bhayad. It brings deliverance from mental, physical and financial distress. By having faith in the precept of Guru, it is imperative for everyone to practise Pranakarma which is a supremely infallible remedy.

“In the present age most of the people do not practise this yogakarma, as a result their sensory faculties remain unrefined and because they are attracted by the superficial glamour of religion there is a great deal of injustice in the nation today.” – Mahamahopadhyaya Yogacharya Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee

This in a nutshell is the role of Kriyayoga in the 21st century but let us go back and cogitate on what Lahiree Mahasaya had remarked. “MATERIAL FULFILLMENT NEVER CONFERRED AND NEVER CAN CONFER HAPPINESS.” Kriyayoga being an eternal science, the terms religiosity or holism are thoroughly inapplicable to it. These are faddish concepts of modern day spirituality. KRIYA if considered as an acronym is karma reared intrinsically yearning for the ABSOLUTE hence kineticism removed through the intrinsic Yoga Absolute. Yogiraj Shama Churn Lahiree Mahasaya has poetised thus:-

“Merely crying for Prana makes one weary, For mergence then is not one’s destiny”

The present world has to come to terms with reality i.e. The Prana – essence. If PRANA is regarded as an acronym it signifies – Pervasive Reality Allness Nothingness Absolute. Kriya is Prana-oblation. It is the union of the kinetic soul with the Infinite Still Soul. PRANA is an Inherent Source and Power which is resplendent resplendence, the soundless sound, the fragranceless fragrance, the Formless Form, the boundless Boundlessness, all encompassing yet Nothingness. YOGIRAJ (i.e. Yogic oneness geared in the realm of Absolute Joy) has stated – “KRIYA PRACTICE IS CHANTING OF VEDAS”, ” KRIYA PRACTICE CONFERS WELFARE, IT’S NON-PRACTICE NON-WELFARE; ONLY FOOLS PRACTISE KRIYA”, ” KRIYA IS THE TRUTH, EVERYTHING ELSE IS UNTRUE.”

At a time when the world is gripped with paroxysms of violence and discord; nuclear proliferation, ecological imbalance, severe degradation – the world is surely searching for a way to extricate itself from this quagmire of uncertainty & misery, Lahiri Mahasaya & Kriyayoga arrive as a Saviour.

Why is Kriya the truth? Because it enables us to come to terms with existence that we all live in an illusory world, all perform illusory actions, all acquire illusory fame, wealth, recognition or illusory defamation, poverty and non-recognition which all are ephemeral. Yogiraj implicitly has desired His supremest creation man to shed off this illusory slough and inhabit with the real –- the Inherent Intrinsic.

It is because of this if man steers himself away from the material splendours, as Yogiraj has commented “MONEY NEVER CONFERRED HAPPINESS OR EVER WILL” and realize it’s futility, he can attain realization of that ONE.

A Kriya sadhak becomes a true Soul seeker, strives meticulously, is suffused with love, firmly believes in the axiom of Yogiraj- “AGE MARJI MALIK KI.” – now the will of the Supreme Being is the only grace which exists. The practisant then becomes an epitome of love, peace, tolerance and usher in the golden age of Satyayuga in its fullest form.

Yogiraj is Himself a Householder Yogi and He advocated all to remain householders and practise the sadhana by juxtaposing family existence with rigorous sadhana practice. This enhances the inherent beauty of Kriyayoga, hence Prana-worship, thus Sanatana dharma. Therefore “PRACTICE KRIYA, REMAIN IN KRIYA’S TRANSCENDENTAL STATE, THIS COMPRISES ALL ADVICE”