His Divine Esse or Identity

When God Himself marked His Advent at the end of Tretayuga in the Form of Lord Rama, then He did not compose Ramayana; it was composed by another manifestation of Him, Valmiki. Again at the end of Dwaparyuga when the same God marked His Readvent in the Form of Lord Krishna then He did not compose Mahabharata and Gita Himself ; this task was executed by Krishna Dvaipayana-Vyasdeva His alternate manifestation. Likewise when this very God made His Readvent at the end of Kaliyuga in the Form of Shamachurn Lahiree, then “Purana Purusha” based on Yogiraj’s 26 secret diaries was authored by another manifestation of Himself — Mahamahopadyaya Yogacharya Dr Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee. 

Thus in this manner at the transition of each yuga in accordance with it’s respective necessity, God establishes His own ideals

Who else can write about the biography of Bhagavan Krishna-Shama Churn? ‘Purāṇá Púrusha’ is compared with the Gita – should not we weigh the magnitude of such a comparison? We must pause and contemplate thus; who else in this world can be the composer of this? 

Till today none before him has been able to render such a remarkable expatiation on PRANA – the Pervasive Reality Allness Nothingness Absolute effecting facility to human comprehension of a subject which is eternal yet grossly confined by humanity.

Similarities between Yogiraj Lahiree Mahasaya and Mahamahopadyaya Yogacharya Dr Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee… 


Your Shama Churn Form

Is the Ashoke norm

Similarities gallore

Are been brought to the fore.

Both Your habitats native is in West Bengal’s Nadia district

Muktakeshi and Ushabala were both Your mothers

And second wives of Your Gourmohan and Priyanath fathers

Both of You are brahmins,

You absorb all sins

Both underwent family dischord

Later effected a neutral family concord.

Both of You were heritage affluent

But You caused luck to make You stringent

Your Shamachurn form effected floods causing affluence cessation

Your Ashoke form affected dacoity to expedite this negation.

Both willed Government service 

One military, the other police

Both these departments 

Are disciplined compartments

In 1880 You superannuated as Barrackmaster

In 1991 You superannuated as Caretaker

Job involvement and responsibility

For Both have a true affinity.

In 1864 You purchased

Your Abode at Garureswar

In 1985 You repeated the process at Baranagar.

30th Septemeber 1828 You decided Your Advent

30th September 1991 You decided Your service retirement.

Holy September once symbolised Your Divine Descension

Holy September later epitomised Your partial Divine Recession.

Your Shama Churn visage and bald pate

Is Your Ashoke Form’s akin mate

All those poetised above You underwent

to instill in man discernment.

Your Shamachrun form inculcated Kriyayoga precepts to humanity

Your Ashoke Form’s mission was to defelect mankind from duality,

Around 1872 You declared Your Readvent shortly

In 1933 You proved it’s veracity.

These similarities mankind has seen

in the end making them certain

diference betwixt You

Both does not pertain

because You are One and the Same.