What is Kriyayoga?

Kriyayoga is an ancient Indian science. Kriyayoga finds its mention in ancient Indian scriptures such as Patanjali Yogasutra which was first propounded by Rishi Patanjali 2500 years ago. All munis, rishis, yogis and Mahapurushas have practised this Kriyayoga sadhana. At a later date Bhagavan Krishna referred to this same Kriyayoga as Rajayoga. Though Kriyayoga and Rajayoga are two separate names they are essentially the same. Kriyayoga is eternal science. It is the action or process by which one can achieve union with the Absolute.

What do we ordinary inexperienced mortals ascribe Kriya to be?

Kriya is that yogasadhana which has been conferred by Yogiraj Sri Shamachurn Lahiree Mahasaya to humankind, which we practise after acquiring through the Guru-lineage. Does stating this include stating all? It is not so – Kriya implies karma. When the body exists then also Pranakarma exists. Birth death cannot occur devoid of Pranakarma, nothing can be created. Therefore in order to comprehend what is Kriya in actuality, initially we must endeavour to know – Who am I? From where have I come? To where shall I return?

Yogiraj has thus expounded –

“Kriya is the actual oblation, everyone should practise this yajna”

Practice of Kriya infers soul-yajna, the true yajna. The yuga decadence is responsible for making man oblivious towards this yajna, Bhagavan Krishna Shamachurn again reminded this yajna to humanity for them to aquire soul-knowledge. In the past all munis, rishis would practise this. Atmayajna (soul-oblation) is the sastra-stipulated yajna.

Within this period man learnt that barring customs, rites and rules, dharma is nothing. In this chapter of religious decline due to the teaching of the divisibility of the Mahatmas, their followers – the common man has misconstrued all this to be dharma as they have been deeply embedded in the mind of man. Therefore the present day man regarding groupism, sectarianism, customs or rites, pilgrimages, idol-worships, invocations, extolling virtues of Bhagavan etc. as dharma, cannot extricate himself from all these.