Qualities of a Devotee

  • A Kriyayogi should possess unflinching faith, devotion, and love towards Shyama Charan Lahiree; regard Him with heart and soul as the Almighty.
  • He must be sadhana-oriented till death.
  • He should strictly abide by the ideals of Lahiree Mahasaya, God of Householders i.e blend domestic existence with sadhana practise.
  • He should have all round integrity, should be compassionate and loving, should be able to create a bonding in the Kriyaban fraternity.
  • He should be self-effacing.
  • He should be above rancour and discord, should not indulge in slander or groupism, and should posses an all-encompassing mind harbouring broad-mindedness.
  • The Kriyayoga devotee should absolutely surrender to the Lotus feet of Lahiree Mahasaya and his Guru unquestioningly.
  • He should annihilate his ego and abide by the commands of his Guru.
  • He should revere and love his Guru unconditionally and with bowed head accept Guru’s admonishings.
  • The Kriyayoga devotee should gradually endeavour to go beyond material attachments.
  • He should be dispassionate and should try to annihilate vices as early as possible.
  • He should be totally surrendered to Kriya and should be a staunch Kriyayoga practitioner.

All these qualities can be achieved through the blessings of the Guru which will be showered only if he is an ardent, sincere Kriyayoga practitioner.