Mahamahopadhyaya Yogacharya's Pithy Sayings

“Man is the creator of his own sorrows. Peace is not an external factor to be sought. Peace, tolerance, love for the whole world will appear only if he practices Prana-Karma.”

“Prana is the overall truth; there is no truth beyond it.”

“The one and same Prana exists in humans, all living creatures, trees, earth, rocks, fire, water, air, sky, planets all are bound by the same discipline, it is the Prana-pervaded universe. Everything evolves from Prana, again after death reverts to Prana.”

“Several religions are creators of dissensions, they can never offer peace.”

“The very simple principle of love, peace and solidarity can be developed at the time when we will acknowledge the only God Who manifests within all of us.”

“Let us all forget the existence of several religions, diversities and acknowledge One God, One World, One Religion, One Man”

“If the one religion…. Soul Religion is acknowledged, the divorce between science and religion will be bridged, ecological balance maintained and a global integration effected.”

“Worship of Prana is the true and universal religion because this Prana inheres in the total creation.”

“Man made religions have taught the thing about divisibility hence duality.”

“Prana – religion (Prana- dharma) is not the new religion but due to the onslaught of time and influence of religious decadence man has forgotten it.”

“As long as plurality exists it is impossible to glean the essence of oneness.”

“The path of plurality is the path of diversity, path of jealousy, path of hell.”

“Prana only is God, Prana only is dharma.”

“Prana only is origin of love and affection.”

Yoga only is the backbone of Sanatana dharma.”

“India was never famed for her physical prowess, she is eternally powerful in yogic strength.”

“Through divisibility one can never glean about indivisibility. Prana or soul is indivisible.

Politics is bent upon causing destruction to the world because it is dependent upon malice whereas religion is dependent upon non- malice.”

“Kriyayoga is the scientific rational procedure of attaining unity in diversity for diversity is eliminated.”

“If we acknowledge the Univocal Universal soul-religion, all conflicts, dissensions, discord will evanesce.”

“Man-made religions cannot contain the infinite knowledge as infinite science cannot inhere in it.” “Sanatana Dharma never professes the medium of prayers. Sanatana Dharma is self-nascent.”

“Sanatana Dharma essentially is no dharma or sect; this is the ultimate science of the world.” “Because this science is not man-made, this has inhered through creation eternally.”

“The natural disposition of man is to proceed in the path of spirituality.”

“Prana conversance entails conversance about allness.”

“Material infinity is actually finite and can never lead to progression, instead it expedites regression.”

“We have made many efforts to remove the gross darkness by inventing electricity but we have forgotten the light that dwells within us – “Divi Suryasahasrasya yadiva sadrishi“ – Thousand suns like power i.e. The soul sun is within all of us. This is the prescription of Sanatana Dharma.”

“The future for humanity lies in reverting from kineticism to stillness through the eternal science of Kriyayoga, the pristine soul – science, spiritual glory of Bharata.”

“Bharata is not famed for her physical prowess but for her spiritual wealth.”

“The supremest wealth of the world is Kriyayoga, it cannot be measured by anything.”

“Science cannot create anything new; again destruction also is far removed. Its capacity is confined to object metamorphosis. God hence Brahma is not any object, therefore yogasadhana is not material-oriented.”

“Just as it is not possible to derive the exact yoga without the true yogi, similarly barring yoga, spiritual Bharata is non-existent.”

“The body which is identified as a renunciate’s, could not be attained if family existence was absent, because the renunciate’s parents were householders. Thus household existence is imperative in human life.”