His Divine Esse or Identity

Why did He decide to make His Readvent ? The reasons are :—

1. To compile all His sādhanā realisations recounted in His twenty-six confidential diaries in the form of a revived scripture.
When God Himself marked His Advent at the end of Trétāyuga in the Form of Bhagavan Ramachandra, He Himself did not compose Rāmāyana, it was composed by another manifestation of Him, Valmiki. Again at the end of Dvāpárayuga when God marked His Readvent in the Form of Bhagavan Krishna then He did not compose Mahābhārata and Gītā Himself, this task was accomplished by Krishna-DvaipayanaVyāsadeva, His alternate manifestation. Likewise, when God made His Readvent at the end of Káliyuga in the Form of Shama Churn, Purāṇá Púrusha the scripture manifested in the same manner.

2. The mammoth significance of the scripture in this age was foreseen, for His principal aim was to reestablish His Own ideals and give declining Kriyāyoga a push. Thus in this manner at the transition of each yuga in accordance with it’s respective necessity, God establishes His Own ideals.

3. The world has already entered into Satyáyuga after His Departure, but the influence of Káliyuga still persists. The golden influence of Satyáyuga will attain it’s full bloom within a short period. He decided to usher humanity into the golden efflorescence of Satyáyuga and depart. Thus from this point of time, the full fledged Advent of God is certainly not necessary till the end of that era which lasts for about 50,000 years.4. To issue summons to mankind :— “Arise, awake, you have enjoyed enough, suffered enough, known enough. The goal of your human existence should be solely one i.e. to seek salvation. Drown yourself totally in this Kriyāyoga sādhanā for if not in this birth, within the successive few births you will inevitably attain salvation.” He advises us to be childlike. Just as a child is innocent, surrenders himself totally to his mother and diligently obeys her command, similarly we should possess this childlike attribute and surrendering ourselves wholly obey the Sadgurú’s command.

Some of his realisations which were noted in His 26 confidential diaries:-

  • I am Shyamacharan Soul Sun.
  • The totality has manifested from My Form.
  • I only am the Primordial Being God.
  • Soul Sun Narayana, Bhagavan, Jagadiswara, omnipresent is I Myself.
  • What is Me is the form of the Amorphous.
  • I only am the imperishable Being
  • When I am the Soul Sun then whatever I state is Vedas- this should be known for sure.
  • I only am Krishna.
  • The Primordial Male Energy in the Soul Sun is I Myself.
  •  Brahma Form of the Soul Sun is Mine.
  • I am Soul Sun-Mahadeva.
  • I only am Mahapurusha.Purushottam (Supreme Being).
  • I only am the Soul Sun God.
  • I only am the Soul Sun, the whole world has emanated from My Form.
  • I am Soul Sun and all My Effulgence is All Pervasive Brahma.
  • I neither have heads nor feet, only I am the Orbed Infinity, My Effulgence is All-Pervasive .
  • Another Form of the Soul Sun is Yama (Lord of Death) i.e. He- the Soul Sun is I Myself.
  • Soul Sun only is Brahma- Soul Sun only is All Pervasive Brahma.
  • My Form pervades everywhere- barring Me nothing exists.
  • Swayam Bhagawan – I am God Myself
  • Soul Sun only is Kali- that Kali is I Myself.
  • I only am the Soul Sun, on the reverse also Soul Sun only is Myself. I only am Amorphous Brahma
  • Pay attention to the Kutastha, that only is My Form, I am neither flesh and bones nor the word ‘I’, I am everyone’s slave.
  • Causing the Kali state to continuously occur upon Me, I became Kali Myself, now the state of becoming Kali’s father remains to be attained , father signifies Brahma
  • I only am the Soul Sun Form of the void.
  • There’s nothing barring Me.
  • Without Me nothing exists.
  • I can execute anything I desire.
  • In Satyayuga Satyasukrit (Kabir Saheb’s name); in Tretayuga-Munindra; in Dwapar-Karunamay; in Kaliyuga-Kabir. The one who is Kabir is I myself.
  • I only am the Soul Sun Bhagawan- My Form is the Black Soul-Moon.
  • I am that Primordial Female Energy Gayatri Form who is Kali who in turn is Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, do not think these to be all different at all.
  • Envisioned the Form of Mahadeva and Parvati, Parvati showered a motherly kiss on Me.
  • If engrossment on My Form is executed then defeat never happens. My Form pervades the soul in all body containers, I am present within and without everyone.
  • The golden Kutastha Effulgence also belongs to Me. This body only is the bow and as Soul Siva I bear this bow.
  • Kriya only is My Form Ahimsa (non-violence) only is My Form.
  • In Kriya’s transcendental state when nothing exists that nothingness or renunciation state is My Form.
  • My Form is Krishna-Dvaipayan, the epic which describes Me, that epic is My Form, I am Hanuman (devotee).