Science of Kriyayoga

Kriyayoga is Pranadharma or Soul-science

Yogiraj has stated- “Kriya is truth, everything else is untrue.” For barring Kriyayoga nothing exists in this world that can cease Pranadynamism to 0%. Gita has remarked — “Ekamseno sthito jagat”. One percentage of the eternally static Brahma attaining dynamism gradually on its enhancement created this universe and remained within it. What is whole is always whole. 100% stillness will perpetually remain 100%, it is not possible to divide it. Thus 1% amidst the 100% acquiring dynamism remained within that 100%. Gradually that 1% dynamism augmented and eventually manifested as complete dynamism. In this manner 1% dynamism initially augmented from 0% to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. How the ultimate truth still Brahma becomes vibrated and again reverts to stillness has been explained by the sketch. Prana is essential amongst everything animate and inanimate, because of the existence of Prana, everyone is alive, all actions are performed, enjoyment and suffering can be experienced. Nothing can be experienced if Prana is non-existent in the body. Prana being fundamental for everything, Prana is God. This soul or Prana bears the total creation. Thus soul, dharma, God are the same. Prana is the Progenitor, Holder, Pervader of the total universe hence dharma. This Prana inheres within and without the creation. It is present in humans, animals, insects, sun, moon, stars, sky, in the five elements – thus the total creation. Kriyayoga is the worship of Prana or Prana – oblation. Pranadharma or Soul-Science is the Sanatana Yoga. Yoga is intrinsically the eight-fold yoga – Yama -control, Niyama-discipline, Asana-maintaining the yogic posture, Pranayama-internal breathing process practice to enhance the stilling process, Pratyahara-material renunciation resulting in soul orientation, Dharana-soul conception, Dhyana-Soul engrossment and Samadhi-mergence with the absolute. Thus, Kriya or Sadhana is the process and Yoga is mergence. We, mankind, are Amritasya Putras – the son of God. We should not forget our soul-self – that is the soul or Prana which is dwelling our body-temple as our ancient Upanishads says,

“Dehastha Sarvavidyascha

Dehastha Sarvadevata,

Dehastha Sarvatirthani,

Gurubakyeno Labhyate.”

This soul or Prana has two states – static and dynamic. Static is the origin of the total creation. At the juncture of birth, a human being acquires 1% dynamism from his 100% stillness in a mother’s womb. This 1% dynamism keeps increasing in multiples of 10. So, from 1% it increases to 10 vibrations which is the subtlest space essence, then 100 vibrations that is the air essence, then 1,000 vibrations that is the fire essence, then 10,000 vibrations that is the water essence and finally 100,000 vibrations that is the earth essence. Practising Kriyayoga sadhana is the path that will help mankind revert back to his original stillness at birth and eventually to beyond the birth-death cycle. To become a human, man must traverse 84,00,000 births after becoming a human he has to traverse several births for evolving himself and attaining gradual purification. After this he will execute all the aforesaid actions. Eventually at the threshold of the last three births, he will desire to know about who he is, from where he has originated and to where he shall return. He is the soul, He has originated from the soul and shall return or revert to his Origin the Still state or Infinite Soul or Prana by attaining mergence there. “When the world will become conversant about this knowledge, true & permanent peace and love will automatically evolve” For more on this Prana science refer to ‘Purana Purusha Yogiraj Sri Shyamacharan Lahiree’ and ‘Who is This Shamachurn’ authored by Mahamahopadhyaya Yogacharya Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee.