Relevance Today

Crass consumerism has gripped mankind today steeping him into the apex of kineticism. Thus consumerism has plunged mankind into a point of no return. Capitalism is controlling the world and thereby pushing man into the throes of greed, malice and jealousy. Political and religious intolerance and competition is growing by leaps and bounds. Despite innovation in medical science with more and more drugs and molecules discovered illness are only multiplying. The digital revolution across the globe has resulted in speed in information flow, analysis and more human connectivity for sure but is also distancing families in terms of time spent with each other as the family is steeped into the quagmire of social media like whatsapp, facebook, Instagram and so on.  Mental stress, depression, psychosis and other psychiatric disorders is become a norm in today’s society   

Man is failing to attain true peace and love though intrinsically he craves for it because the origin of peace and love is Prana, our source and not the body and mind. Thus the only answer to deal with all the above is to practise the true unadulterated ancient science – Sanatana Yoga / Kriyayoga – as revived by Yogiraj Sri Shyamacharan Lahiree Mahasaya, fountainhead of Kriyayoga. Kinetic Prana is the root cause of all sorrows – this realization needs to dawn upon one and many therefore the aspirant certainly would look forward to getting a respite from kineticism hence proceed towards stillness. This knowledge of stillness is the true spirituality transcending anything and everything material.

The more man practises this sadhana one’s inherent Prana can supersede positivity and negativity and then the more disease, sorrow, old age, affliction, poverty will be eliminated. Thus the negativity emanating from greed, malice, wrath will be eliminated; the house environment moreover the individual’s body, mind will all attain purity; the hostile atmosphere pertaining to sadhana in one’s life will also be annihilated; in short it will no longer be necessary for man to independently pray for welfare, for then automatically he will be graced by welfare. If each individual can find peace within himself, automatically peace will be distributed throughout the universe.

During a practitioners path of progress, he learns the soul essence, hence is infused with love and care thus impart love and kindness to one and all. He harbours no differentiation of caste, creed, colour, gender, he abandons all the sensory orientations, therefore the seven sensory vices are subjugated, he does not vie for keeping up with the Joneses in short, he is shorn off rancour, vituperation, violence and everything which can make the world a veritable inferno and uninhabitable place, instead he metamorphoses as the epitome of love, compassion, peace and fraternity striving to make the world a heaven on earth.

Yogically speaking an enlightened soul has tremendous potential to inspire, motivate, attract, re-orient true aspiring as well as regressed individuals just as the honey in flowers in a garden attracts bees as well as the sweet fragrance permeating the surrounding atmosphere attracts one and all. Therefore the enlightened soul spontaneously can cause a global spiritual awakening through Prana-worship. Prana is All-Pervasive. Prana pervades that individual. This individual can foster Prana-Consciousness by practising soul-sadhana himself and motivate Prana-inhering individuals to do the same. Global spiritual awakening will arrive only then when one and all will realize the true essence of spirituality

Global spiritual awakening will foster global peace. Peace is not an external factor to be sought. One has to know how to make  oneself peace-inhering which is scientifically possible through Pranasadhana, by merely talking about peace is a faculty of the tongue that is kinetic; making arrangements for its implementation is gross activity – all these are very transitory in nature hence impermanent, therefore peace or spiritual enlightenment can never be effected thus Brahmasadhana (Pranasadhana) practice can gradually bring peace within which will then manifest externally and make the world a haven to live in.

Also the path of consistent and ardent Kriyayoga practise leads a person to the stage of Ishwar Pranidhan or self surrender. He is freed from being the doer as the onus of action is transferred to God or Brahma or Atman or Prana. Thus an individual becomes free from the effect of all actions carried out by him and in spite of doing everything he practically does nothing, being freed from the cycle of karma. This particular state of being free while being alive makes a person steeped in constant ecstasy, almost like being high on mood elevators without any side effects.

Hence the relevance of Kriyayoga in today’s world is that kriyayoga (Pranasadhana) instills in man’s inner recesses the principle of One God, One Religion, One World, One Man. This infers Prano Hi Bhagavan Isha i.e., the Prana-God; Pranadharma bears the total creation, the Prana-Pervaded universe and then man will realise the pervasiveness of Prana, all dissensions dichotomies, tensions, rancour will all attain a permanent cessastion as Prana worship transcends caste, creed, geographical boundaries. Thus man will realise the fallacy of differentiation and discrimination thereby enabling him to be at peace with himself as he has been able to grasp the inherent stillness within himself; hence is empowered to promote love, peace and solidarity within his microcosm and total microcosm. Attainment of salvation or mergence with the original still state (Still Prana) then becomes inevitable.