Divine Apophthegms

“Whatever one thinks just at the moment of death, one becomes that.” “Living being infers kineticism, thus there is no option other than the still state – Pranayama stills.” “Recaka, Puraka it is like a closed well, effect the flow of Pranavayu, the mind becomes static – if further augmentation occurs disease is eliminated, sins are burnt, purification ensues – knowledge dawns, ignorance or darkness is destroyed.” “Prana only is the source of all power. Engrossing in Pranasadhana entails every sadhana practice.” “Practising Kriya and remaining in Kriya’s transcendental state – this entails saying everything.” “Entering into the realm of the soul is not possible if you do not consider yourself to be small.” “Household asrama (garhastya) is the biggest asrama as other asramas are based on it.” “Action does not bring confinement. Expecting results of action brings confinement.” “This human frame is for practicing desireless atmakarma (soul-action) which is beyond sins and  virtues.” “Barring the human frame soul-action cannot be practised.” “Only soul-action is action, others are all futile actions.” “A household person requires both material and spiritual wealth, none should be disregarded.” “The sensory proclivities are conquered through practising khecari.” “When Prana is stilled habitation near the soul is effected. This is the true upvasa. Fasting is not the true upvasa.” “Just as the action of taking food is necessary for alleviating pangs of hunger, similarly atmakarma is necessary to attain soul realization.” “Action connected with the mind is bound to be with desires”. “Still Prana is God.” “The one who perpetually cogitates on God, his work is done by God.” “Kriya is truth, everything else is untrue.” “After merging in Brahma where is thought or worry? Thus then it is the thought-free, worry-free state, then I only am non-dual, I do not envision anything barring Him, then I only am Brahma.” “The one who endeavours or practises sadhana for attainment is a sadhaka whereas the one who has attained and merged with that attainment is a yogi”. “When the external breathing motion stops then the state of Prana will be attained, consequently everything will be fulfilled.” “Thirst is not quenched seeing the reflection of a river in the mirror.” “Senses are controlled by the mind, mind is controlled by the soul and the soul by the Infinite Soul.” “Practising Kriya, the mind remains contented.” Causing harm will entail receiving harm.” “Remain in Kriya’s transcendental state all time and practise action devoid of fruits, if this is not executed the body’s journey cannot be fulfilled.” You should endeavour to know yourself, this endeavour is sadhana. When you will know yourself you will be freed from all aspects and become Siva yourself.” “The one who has conquered carnal desires has achieved everything.” “What will confer good upon you, you do not know.” “The one who performs all actions excepting serving Bhagavan is not a good soul.” “There is no past present future in Kriya’s transcendental state.” Please refer to the book “SHYAMACHARAN UPADESABALI” for some divine collection of Yogiraj’s Apophthegms.  Venerable Mahamahopadhyaya Yogacharya Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee, World Kriyayoga Master says, “Every devoted human being, match your sadhana life with the pithy sayings of Yogiraj.‘God of Householders’ Shama Churn’s Esse and pithy sayings are the cynosure of direction for fallen humanity — jealous selfish people. All the Divine Apophthegms from “Purana Purusha Yogiraj Sri Shyamacharan Lahiree” and “Yogiraj Granthabali” (26 sastras of Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya compiled by Yogacharya Dr. A. K. Chatterjee) which were unevenly distributed till now have been remarkably culled together and chosen by my affectionate Shantanu Kapur’s austere endeavours.”