Shyamacharan Upadesabali Set – English & Hindi


Shyamacharan Upadesabali Set contains both the English and Hindi versions of the book.
All the Divine Apophthegms from the 26 sastras of Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya compiled by Yogacharya Dr. A. K. Chatterjee.

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All the Divine Apophthegms from “Purana Purusha Yogiraj Sri Shyamacharan Lahiree” and “Yogiraj Granthabali” (26 sastras of Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya compiled by Yogacharya Dr. A. K. Chatterjee) which were unevenly distributed till now have been remarkably culled together and chosen by my affectionate Shantanu Kapur’s austere endeavours.”

Samples of a few of the divine pithy sayings of Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri…

  • Science is knowledge in its special form. This infers knowledge devoid of grossness. This only is atmajñana (soul-knowledge).
  • If words are written on the reverse and reflected on a mirror the words are represented in the straight form, similarly one can see the soul-form by reversing the internal PranaVayu.
  • Remain within the family ambit, maintain livelihood through own earnings and practise sadhana on God.
  • Satsang implies the companionship of internal inhalation exhalation.
  • Actions (karma) have no differentiation between good and bad. If one performs actions attached to covetousness, greed, the results of such actions can never be positive.
  • This human frame is not being borne to suffer or enjoy the consequences of sinful or virtuous actions.
  • This human frame is for practising desireless atmakarma (soul-action) which is beyond sins and virtues.
  • Barring the human frame soul-action cannot be practised.
  • 10,61,000 Pranayamas make Kevala-Kumbhaka possible.
  • The sensory proclivities are conquered through practising Khecari.
  • All harm, misery, difficulties stem from the dynamic Prana.
  • Still Prana is God.
  • You all consider earning immense wealth is the yardstick of manly pursuit. It is not so. With how much of fortitude and determination you practise atmasadhana that is the yardstick of actual manly pursuit.
  • Just as the action of taking food is necessary for alleviating pangs of hunger, similarly atmakarma is necessary to attain soul-realization.