Shamachurn vis-a-vis Bhagavan Krishna, Bhagavan Rama, the four yugas, Babaji has been delineated while none before has made such an introspective scientific rational expatiation on Shamachurn resulting in a harmonious fusion of history,

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Mahamahopadhyaya Yogacharya Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee

The book is a forceful yogic exposé on Prana scientifically (yogic science) analysing the Esse of Yogiraj Shyamachurn Lahiree-Absolute Prana, the Origin and Mergence, the Progenitor, the Primordial; everything within and beyond yet nothing, thus the Allness yet Nothingness. It expounds the fact that spirituality transcends religion and the subtle juxtaposition of the various facets of spirituality. This book unfolds the Babaji essence thereby putting to rest all the various yarns and misconceptions spun around him.

The book “Who is this Shamachurn” forms the last of the trilogies on Shamachurn, the Fountain-Head of Kriyayoga, the first being “Purana Purusha Yogiraj Sri Shamachurn Lahiree”, an authentic biography on Shamachurn, the second “Shamachurn Kriyayoga and Non-Duality” an annotation of one hundred quotations of Lahiree Mahasaya.

The Greatest Household-Yogi Shamachurn has been upheld to humankind by an impeccable stroke of dexterity. None before has laid bare the essence, concept, philosophy, the Esse, the sublime spirituality and spiritual sublimity of Shamachurn. This book indeed unravels the esotery of Shamachurn; ignites and kindles the flame to know the truth about Shamachurn; dispels any apprehensions or dichotomies about the Non-Debatable Shamachurn; refutes and quashes the gross absurdities propounded about the Absolute Shamachurn;  enlightens and elevates the Shamachurn seekers into the sublimity of the subtle Prana or soul.

It is indeed a misfortune that many soul-seekers are being deluded and misguided about Brahma-Shamachurn. This book will surely prove to be a treasure trove for them. This book will put cynics and atheists to rest.

“The five essences of earth, water, heat, air, void — they only are the five Pandavas which exist in the human body as Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata and Visuddha cakras respectively. The conglomeration of these five essences of Prana’s dynamism is Prakriti (Mother Nature). This Prakriti is Draupadi. Therefore the five Pandavas together acquired Draupadi as their wife. Their Controller exists above them as the first manifestation of Ajnacakra i.e. Kutastha or Bhagavan Krishna. When a yogi practises yoga karma or wages a dharmaic battle, who performs it then? The heat essence latent in Manipura cakra or navel hence the heat which flows throughout the body through Arjuna’s medium this heat only propels yogakarma. For this reason Bhagavan had advised the third Pandava Arjuna about yoga and not the other four brothers. Steadily practising this karma, the Kutastha latent in Ajnacakra unfolds all necessary knowledge and guidance. This Kutastha only is the principal Controller or Guide, quest to attain Him only should be made. He only is Bhagavan Krishna. Thus it follows that the heat-essence hence Arjuna only is Manipura cakra performs yoga-karma and still Brahma hence Kutastha or Krishna only inherent in Ajnacakra controls the total yoga-karma and unravels all consciousness through heat-essence hence Arjuna only.

It is for this that Arjuna in Mahabharata is the greatest hero and Krishna expatiates on dharma essence to Arjuna only and not to anyone else. This infers that knowledge becomes realizable to a yogi through constant yoga-practice and he can also comprehend that it is being unravelled through the heat-essence hence Arjuna.”

“When Shama Churn Himself metamorphosed into the universe’s primordial cause Void Brahma, then amidst endless consciousness knew that the state evolving from Himself is Ātmasá¹¹rya hence He Himself. Within the self-Ātmasá¹¹rya, He caused His realisation that He Himself only is Brahma. This realisation is the ultimate state of universal realisation where Brahma – void has manifested  spontaneously within the Own Form Ātmasá¹¹rya and here the inherent knowledge occurs that He Himself is Brahma. This is the ultimate state of mergence. Arriving at this state Shama Churn further expressed — “Now like Mahadeva the state of Primordial Guru has occurred to Me.” Kumbhaka is perennially occurring semblant of the yoga-united state of Mahadeva. Perpetual heaviness exists in the head and the eyes are raised upward in an engrossed state, they do not descend even if pulled downwards.””

“The principal objective of this astrological analysis is to make the quest for non-divisibility in the gross horoscopes of Bhagavan Krishna and Bhagavan Yogiraj Sri Shamachurn Lahiree because the assessment of “Hum hi Krishna” declared by Yogiraj in His Own self-written diaries is certainly beyond the scope of human capability, by sincere admission. Despite this, through the medium of ‘supernatural’ or astrological analysis an attempt is being made to satisfy our self – queries.

CONCLUSION In accordance with science, attraction of a material object depends on it’s weight and distance and the theory of attraction pertains between one object and another. If two people remain in the same vibratory state then the planetary attraction for both would be the same. But this is rare to be found in mortals. On the contrary it can be noted that depending on the level of vibration or the elevated or nadir state there would be a difference in the attraction levels. Both Bhagavan Krishna of Dvaparayuga and Yogiraj Shamachurn Lahiree Mahasaya of Kaliyuga arrived at the pinnacle of sadhana. Perhaps the apparent difference between Them was place, time but barring that both Their planetary positions bear no difference, therefore the object of Bhagavan Krishna and Yogiraj Sri Shamachurn Lahiree Mahasaya was to revive the obsolescent dharma.”