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    Pranamayam Jagat (Marathi)

    First book in Bengali penned by Yogacharya Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee in 1978 is a veritable guide to humanity about the concept of Prana. He has categorically & scientifically explained Prana – the abstruse science – with apt illustrations from the

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    Purana Purusha (Marathi)

    Gita of Satyáyuga – a biography based on 26 confidential diaries of Shamachurn Lahiree – shows mankind the spiritual path of sadhana to achieve soul realisation while juxtaposing His family life thereby no need to renunciate, in effect gave

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    Shyamacharan Kriyayoga & Advaitabad (Marathi)

    Based on select 100 significant annotations from the 26 confidential diaries of Shamachurn Lahiree – based on His sadhana derived direct realizations is of immense significance to Yogis practising sadhana.

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    Who is this Shama Churn (Marathi)

    The book is a forceful yogic exposé on Prana scientifically (yogic science) analysing the Esse of Yogiraj Shyamachurn Lahiree-Absolute Prana, the Origin and Mergence, the Progenitor, the Primordial; everything within and beyond yet

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