Qualities of a Guru

  • The Kriyayoga Guru inevitably has to be sadhana-oriented.
  • It is absolutely important that he should have attained Khecari.
  • He should be compassionate, devoid of anger, conquereror of the sensory vices, be replete with love for mankind.
  • He should be completely conversant and wholly knowledgeable regarding the ideals of Yogiraj and His 26 annotated scriptures
  • He must shower love on all devotees irrespective of them being rich or poor.
  • He should be loving tolerant, selfless.
  • He must be self effacing and not self aggrandising.
  • He must possess implicit faith that Yogiraj Sri Shyama Charan Lahiree Mahasaya is Bhagavan himself and possess absolute devotion towards Him.
  • He must not digress by deviating from the exact ideals of Lahiree Mahasaya and Kriya.
  • He must practise and impart the exact Kriya.
  • He must be a person of integrity in all respects.

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