India should get its original name Bharata back

Bharata is the ancient name of the Republic of India. The country was named India during British rule. "Bha" =  radiance, effulgence, resplendence; spiritual enlightenment; "ra" = spiritual source, spiritual essence, spiritual fortitude, spiritual fervour, spiritual halcyon "ta" = deliverance, attainment of  spiritual bliss through the yogic boat. 

Thus the intrinsic significance of the term Bharata is that when a yogi gradually practising internal Pranayama through the heat essence latent in the navel settles at Kutastha envisioning the intensely resplendent soul-effulgence then he achieves salvation and soul-enlightenment This state of a yogi is termed as Bharata. Therefore such inherent beauty and soul-knowledge pervades this holy soil and this pervasion has been caused by haloed munis, rishis, yogis and even by God Himself.

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