Kriyayoga – a journey from time to timelessness by Sri Shantanu Kapur

We all know what time is- one of the most precious commodities in today’s world. We look for time at our watches( the more expensive the better), we snatch free time between work assignments for a short break, we try to spend time with family and friends, but we do not know what is timelessness.

The term timeless should not be confused with shortage of time. The term timelessness means the realm where there is no time, it is a state where passage of time cannot be realized. Many of us have read Stephen Hawking’s famous book ‘A brief history of Time’ which defines time from the point of view of a scientist. But to talk about timelessness, you need to be a Kriyayogi.

Let us first define technically what the concept of timelessness is vis-a-vis Kriyayoga, then we shall tread upon the practical interpretations of it. Time, as per Kriyayoga terminology, is Kaal, from which the term Kaali has been coined. Kaali is also worshipped as Goddess Kaali, the absolute ruler of the Universe. Kaali never existed before there was Creation, She came into being at the time of Creation. From science’s point of view, time was created at the very moment of the Big Bang when there was Creation along with time. Creation and Prakriti are the same, both are bound by time, and by their very nature, Time itself.

Purusha or the timeless, is ever-existent and hence not bound by time.In the human body, Kaali exists as Kundalini Shakti at the base of our spine called Muladhar Chakra and Purusha exists at our throat, called Vishudhyakha chakra where he is lying supine, in a sleeping state.

Through the action of our internal pranayama, Kundalini Shakti rises through the various chakras and ultimately settles at Vishudhyakha chakra where Purusha or Lord Mahadeva is lying supine. Here Kaali merges with Mahadeva or Sadashiva to be exact(described by Yogiraj as white-hued Mahadev) and enacts the union of Purusha and Prakriti.

This is the state of Neelkanth(Neel means vayu, Kanth means throat, physically depicting Mahadev with a blue throat.) This is the state which existed just before the Big Bang took place, Purusha-Prakriti in a unified state. 60,000 pranayams more will ensure settlement in Agnachakra,( call it Kutastha if you may) from Neelkanth state when you will visualize the dot(Taraknath) in Kutastha, a state also known as Kutastha Brahman from which Gurus give Diksha to their would be disciples. Beyond this stage is Guru Kripahi Kevalam, or Aage Marzi Maalik Ki,as put by Yogiraj,or Surrender to the Lotus feet of Gurudeva.

The choice is entirely yours.

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