Kriyayoga–The Supreme Spiritual Science, How?

Let us now discuss how through the scientific Kriyayoga a living being can revert to Void Brahma.

Yogiraj (Lahiri Mahasaya) has explained Kevala Kumbhaka is achieved after 10,61,000 Pranayamas. The five essences (earth, water, heat, air and space) are prevalent in the five cakras from Muladhanara to Visuddha. Every 200,000 internal Pranayamas can cease each cakra vibration. In this manner when a yogi is capable of practising 10,000,000 Pranayamas then he will reach Visuddha cakra when only 10% Prana-dynamism is existent. This 10% vibrated state is a living being’s realm of death. After arriving at this state a yogi spontaneously becomes conversant with the death state within this body. Consequently the fear of death is eliminated.

To cause a cessation of the remaining 10% vibration, practice of 61,000 more Pranayamans are required. Thus through internal Pranayama a yogi merges in Still Brahma.

In respect to the amount of Pranayamas practised by a yogi in this birth, his Prana-dynamism surely will decrease sequentially or gradually. Practice of Pranayama in this manner in one or two births will positively cause Prana cessation and mergence with Static Brahma. This sadhana-action of a living being hence the technique of causing Prana cessation only is termed as Kriyayoga.

Therefore Yogiraj has expressed “Brahma-knowledge accrues from Pranayama practice”. This dexterous Pranayama, the supreme spiritual science can cease the endless Prana-dynamism of innumerable births gradually and cause an union with Still Brahma.

The being who originally habiting in Static Brahma attained deviation due to Prana dynamism and as a result traversing millions of births was bound by the bondage of actions, that very being practising this Kriyayigasadhana reverted without delay to Static Brahma or his origin.

Due to evolution a human being has gradually evolved to this state but he is unaware as to how many successive births remain in accordance with his present dynamism, how many more births he has to traverse. Taking the existing dynamism into consideration perhaps he would have to traverse thousands of births but this very being through practice of Kriyayoga shortly returned to his origin.

Yogiraj Shama Churn Lahiree Mahasaya being Omniscient it was evident to Him that if the endless dynamism of millions of living beings is ceased then welfare would be imparted to all. Material welfare of a living being was never regarded as true welfare by Him as this material welfare is always transitory. Thus He willed to impart true welfare to human beings. For this reason He ushered Kriyayoga amongst the deprived yet majority of society – the householders. It was evident to Him since yogasadhana is indestructible, the man who in this birth will practise even a little of Kriyayogasadhana will in the next birth surely acquire this sadhana and in this manner practising sadhana in one or two births cease the remaining Prana vibration and merge with Static Brahma. Gita has remarked in this regard – if the body ceases to exist abiding in the intrinsic soul-essence, even then it is not at all correct to abide in the extrinsic essence that is the sensory essence. Intrinsic soul essence infers the own essence hence Prana dharma. Because of the solemn magnitude of Kriyayoga the supreme spiritual science, Yogiraj has stated – “Kriya is the truth, everything else is untrue.” For barring Kriyayoga nothing exists in this world that can cease Prana vibration to 0%.

(Excerpts from the book ‘Who is this Shama Churn?’; Author: Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee)

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