Renouncer OR Social Reformer?

To serve the afflicted during natural calamities, to serve the poor and distressed ones, founding of schools, colleges, hospitals etc. are not the function of renouncers, these activities relate to the affairs of the state or to social reformers. Man renounces the domestic existence only to practise atmasadhana in solitude. Hence the action of a renouncer is to only practise atmasadhana. But the renouncers of today enjoying the products of the modern age have now abandoned atmasadhana and have descended in the role of social reformers. If their objective is to reform society then they could have done this staying amidst society. In actuality these renouncers have no desire for atmasadhana, they do not have orientation towards this. They being totally commercial deceive the ordinary innocent householders who are not so conversant about dharma by advising them to serve living beings which will result in sadhana on Bhagavan and extracting substantial amounts is their principal objective. In countries where the system of government is such that it imparts true welfare to their people, the scope for religious institutions effecting the same obviously does not exist.

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