Ultimate Reality

January 3, 2019

We represent Yogiraj Shyamacharan Mission, a non-profit socio-spiritual organization which is involved in propagating the ideals and tenets of Kriyayoga as propounded by Yogiraj Shymacharan Lahiree (1828-1895), the fountain-head of Kriyayoga and also to promote peace and harmony in human kind by making them realize that there is only one Man, one World, one Religion Read More...


The Concept Of Gurudeva – Shantanu Kapur

January 26, 2016

What is Sanatana Dharma? Sanatana is ever present and Dharma is yagna or Kriya. In the Bhagavadgita it has been stated in sloka28, chapter 4; sloka 29, chapter 4 and sloka 65 chapter 18 that: “DHRAVYAYAJNASTAPOYAJNA YOGAYAJNASTATHAPARE…” etc “APANE JUHAVATI PRANAM PRANEHAPANAM TATHAPARE…” etc “MANMANA BHAVO MADBHAKTO MADJANI MANG NAMASKURU…” etc The gist of the Read More...


Arati is a body internal ritual of a Yogi

August 23, 2015

Through Omkara Kriya a yogi travels with in his body. The rotary motion (arati) by the priest is symbolical of the circular movement a yogi undertakes within his body-temple. The deity is fanned either bye a peacock feather (representing the Kutastha-Eye) or a fly-whisk or an ordinary hand-fan. This fanning indicates the serene and calm Read More...

animal slaughter

Animal sacrifices before Goddess Kali

August 23, 2015

Question: Mexican representative Aurelio Diaz Tekpankali had asked Dr Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee’s opinion on the sacrifice of animals before Goddess Kali. Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee: Animal propensities exist in every human. The sensory faculties emanating from kinetic Prana are the animal propensities. Sanatana dharma contains the process of controlling these bestial proclivities. But due to Read More...



August 23, 2015

The world is today raving and ranting for peace. Neighborhoods, villages, cities, individuals, nations, politicians are all crying for peace. But how, where to obtain peace is unknown. The modern man opines that earning a great deal, being steeped in material pursuits, living in a palatial mansion or bunglows etc. will confer peace. Material peace Read More...

gita rope


August 23, 2015

If any object is dropped from a great height then until it reaches the absolute bottom it will continue falling due to the gravitational pull. If man is asked to ascend during this descent (kaliyuga), it will not be possible for him, hence he shold be allowed to descend. But descending gradually when he reaches Read More...

householder vs renouncer

Renouncer OR Social Reformer?

August 23, 2015

To serve the afflicted during natural calamities, to serve the poor and distressed ones, founding of schools, colleges, hospitals etc. are not the function of renouncers, these activities relate to the affairs of the state or to social reformers. Man renounces the domestic existence only to practise atmasadhana in solitude. Hence the action of a Read More...